Over half of UK open consider roads are not protected for cycling (BikeRadar)

A new consult by UK cycling and walking gift Sustrans found that 56 percent of those
questioned fear civic roads are vulnerable to cycle on.The other title anticipating of a consult was that 70 percent of respondents wish residential speed boundary to be forsaken to 20 mph to make them safer.

Two thirds of those that don’t cycle regularly
would be some-more expected to cycle on a roads if they were done safer by such
changes as reduce speed limits, some-more noted cycle lanes and some-more caring taken by
drivers and other cyclists, according to a new survey.

The consult pennyless down those questioned into several groups
to give some engaging results; 63 percent of women nonetheless usually 49 percent of group came to the
‘unsafe’ end while segment by segment Northern
Ireland was many aroused during 75 percent and Yorkshire
the many confident, even nonetheless accurately half of respondents from here still
felt a fear factor.  

Cycling safety: views from a public

Sustrans’ total are corroborated adult by a news Climate
Change and Transport Choices
conducted on interest of a Department for
in 2011. It found 6 in ten
people in England
who are means to float a bicycle are deterred from cycling to work since they
believe that “it’s too dangerous for me to cycle on a roads.”

Removing a fear will not be easy, however. Dave Horton has constructed an exhaustive
of a purpose of fear in tying a uptake of cycling and concluded
three categorical factors (other than bustling traffic) minister to a fear of cycling
– all ironically products of a enterprise to get some-more people cycling safely. Horton
thinks highway reserve campaigns, helmet wearing campaigns and a thought that
cycling should be ‘traffic-free’ are all feeding into a wider fear of cycling
on a roads and troublesome it.   

The Sustrans press recover also quotes a new launching
of a campaign
by a Times newspaper
that privately aims to put serve vigour on
politicians to act to make a roads safer for cyclists.

The Times’ 8 indicate declaration calls for:

  • Legal mandate for lorry reserve measures  
  • A redesign of a country’s many dangerous 500 junctions
  • A inhabitant cycling review to furnish arguable stats
  • 2% of Highways Agency bill for cycle routes
  • Cycle reserve a core partial of a pushing test
  • 20mph default speed extent in residential areas
  • Business sponsorship of cycleways
  • Every city to have a cycling commisioner or equivalent

The consult and Times campaign come forward of a Parliamentary
debate on cycling reserve on Thursday 23 February. 

Malcolm Shepherd, Chief Executive for Sustrans, pronounced “People
shouldn’t have to feel they’re holding a risk when they transport on dual wheels in
our towns and cities. This is nonetheless another wake-up call for politicians who must
act now to save lives and take a fear out of bland journeys.”

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