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This iPhone application is written by Professor Alison McConnell, who invented the Powerbreathe respiratory trainer (a handheld device that strengthens the muscles used in breathing). 

There’s a wealth of scientific research indicating that regular training with a Powerbreathe can significantly reduce your perception of effort and improve performance during cycling and running. 

This app condenses the key messages from McConnell’s recent book Breathe Strong, Perform Better (Human Kinetics) into a quick and easy-to-digest format. 

Several short written sections describe how to get the most from your breath training, while a visual pacer encourages you to inhale and exhale at the right speeds. 

It’s only useful if you’ve got a Powerbreathe but, if you’re a believer, this app is a quick and inexpensive way to maximise your daily respiratory workouts.

article was originally published in Triathlon
magazine, available on Zinio.

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