Funn’s Zippa chain guide bears more than a passing resemblance to e*thirteen’s excellent, longstanding LG1+, which is no bad thing.

The anodised gold and red hardware isn’t going to make a difference when the going gets rough. But it adds to the impression of quality, as do the neatly milled backplate and cut-away taco bashguard.

Unfortunately, the hardware isn’t captive, and had a habit of falling out when swinging the top guide open during testing.

At 175g the Zippa can easily be used for trail bike duties. It’s worth noting though that the anodised alloy lower roller made a slight rumbling noise during use, which was exaggerated when we were riding at the top of the cassette on steep climbs.

That means that if gravity riding is your main thing then the Zippa could prove to be a solid option. But if you prefer to pedal to

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