LAS’s new Diamond lid sits five models below the range-topping Victory Supreme, but includes a lot of LAS’s latest design technology. There’s a large diamond-shaped central vent at the front with 10 large forward facing vents. The remainder of the total 22-vent count is reserved for smaller exhaust vents at the rear.

  • Highs: Breezy and very comfortable fit
  • Lows: No alternative padding

The large frontal vents channel air in and across your head, making the Diamond a comfortably cool lid. The tip of the main diamond shaped vent runs the full length of the helmet top. This fin-style structure increases the helmet’s structural integrity to evenly disperse impact forces around the EPS foam core. All the design work is backed up with certification in Europe (CE), the USA (CPSC), and the stringent Australian AS/SNZ standard.

The rear retention system uses a micro-adjusting dial and a cradle that sits higher than previous

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