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well proven Auriga Pro brake isn’t light and stock pads aren’t great but it’s
super-reliable and is supplied complete with a bleed kit for long-term value.

Tektro have been the leading bargain brake supplier for complete bike
builders for years and their testing and manufacturing facilities are second to
none. We’ve certainly never had any trouble from countless sets of various
Aurigas we’ve anchored with over the years.

While the brake and rotor are heavy, the radial master
cylinder of the Pro looks up to date and there’s an
easy-fit two bolt clamp. It’s not a flip-flop design though, and the supplied
hose length is too short to stretch between long-travel forks and wide bars.
But Tektro offer longer length hoses in various colours.

The fairly firm and wooden feel provides reliable consistency and copes
with heat build-up well but doesn’t give particularly powerful or subtle
control in most situations. Original pads wear fast but it can run old-style
Hope Mini pads, which makes getting longer lasting, sharper stopping sintered
replacement pads easy.

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Manufacturers description

• Open system, Dual piston
• Radial master cylinder hydraulic disc brake
• Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance
• Non-corrosive mineral oil with excellent heat expansion properties