Launched last year and claiming to be the world’s lightest production bike at the time, the Émonda is a proper race machine built to weigh as little as is humanly possible.

While the Madone has some aero features and the Domane places an emphasis on comfort, the Émonda is a is single-minded design for the weight-conscious rider.

  • Highs: Incredible weight; sensible spec with no real weak links
  • Lows: Firm ride quality won’t suit all; 23mm tyres as standard
  • Buy if: You’ve got climbs to conquer and smooth roads to ride

We’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss the name. The keen-eyed will have noticed that “Émonda” is an anagram of both Madone and Domane. It’s also claimed, rather neatly, to be drawn from the French verb émonder, meaning “to trim down”, or prune – certainly appropriate for a design focused on extreme weight savings. We do wonder how long Trek can

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