The Aerotunda from 3T is an anomaly in a bike world dominated by compact everything. This carbon bar bucks the trend with not only a big drop of 139mm but also a classic round bend. The deepness of the drop is offset by 83mm of reach. That means that even when down on the flat section of the drop you don’t feel over stretched reaching for the bar. The drop flares out by two degrees to offer plenty of wrist clearance when sprinting out of the saddle.

  • Highs: Comfortable holds and a stiff yet comfortable ride
  • Lows: Undoubtedly a pricey combination

The top section is where things get interesting with the aero-winged shaped top shifting forward of the central clamp horizontally and falling away vertically towards the forward bend. The aero wing makes for a comfortable hold when riding on the tops, so we taped them to the mid-point of each

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