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A bold black-and-white pattern covers the Forza saddle and, like WWII Dazzle camouflage, almost disguises its outline. A fairly flat, square-edged nose section flares out to a reasonably wide notched rear, but the sides are quite shallow, giving a minimalist look.

The saddle has no cutouts or grooves, just a smooth covering on top, with edges neatly glued and stapled flat under the shell. Titanium rails are a bonus, but their quite short length limits the range of adjustment.

Those hollow titanium rails weigh a fraction of some steel counterparts and, being short, reduce weight further. A skinny shell, simple rail mounts and thin padding mean the Forza barely worries the scales at only 158g.

Although the Forza is 285mm long it doesn’t offer a lot of positional adjustment, which might be an issue on some seatposts. Measuring 145mm at its widest increases support and gives great stability when you’re pedalling hard, but it’s not very forgiving. This is fine for short rides, but with no effective pressure-relieving features and little padding it will only suit those who like it firm. 

Most disconcerting was the slippery cover, which meant we were constantly having to shift about in the saddle, no matter which shorts we wore.

This article was originally published in Cycling
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