The Covert strapless kneepads from 7iDP offer varying degrees of protection, courtesy of their modular knee cup design.

Beneath the toughened, abrasion resistant outer sleeve lie three different layers of armour. Sitting closest to the knee is a 10mm vented foam sheet, on top of that is a denser, pre-shaped 7mm foam insert and finishing things off is a 1mm plastic knee cap. All three layers hook together neatly and securely and slip relatively easily into the main sleeve.

Head into the hills with all three layers in place and the Covert kneepads do feel a touch bulky and better suited to more aggressive or uplift-assisted riding. Remove the hard plastic knee cap and flexibility and, to some extent, comfort, increase when putting the miles in, without affecting protection too much.

Remove the dense, pre-shaped foam and just use the vented layer by itself and you’re left with

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