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The Elixir
1 is the bottom rung of the Avid hydraulic brake ladder, but it still delivers high
levels of traction control in a dependable and affordable package.

1 is definitely a built-to-price brake, with a slightly bulky master cylinder
shape and a split rather than two-piece bar clamp. This makes it more awkward
to fit, stops ambidextrous use and rules out SRAM’s cunning Matchmaker combined
shifter and brake clamps. 

The hose exit from the calliper is fixed too, and you
get resin pads and the older, heavier rotor standard, so it’s no lightweight
overall. Then again the price that it’s built to is lower than any of the other
major manufacturers.

it gets the same Taperbore design and unique blade sweep as Avid’s more expensive brakes to deliver very
impressive feedback and traction for the ticket price. Power is ample too, and
while the resin pads don’t last long in wet conditions, sintered replacements
will be easy to find.

Ironically, this simpler Elixir has traditionally been
the most reliable and easiest to bleed member of the whole Elixir family, although
the others have now caught up.

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