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BBB’s new Varallo is their attempt at an entry-level trail riding style helmet. BBB may not be the first name that springs to mind when considering helmet brands, but considering the in-mould construction, 18 vents and a weight of just over 280g, the Varallo looks pretty impressive on paper. It also has antibacterial padding, which is all removable and washable, and a meshed front vent to help keep out any nasties.

The 18 vents allowed good airflow, but the Varallo was let down by the retention system. It pulls tightly at the front and back, but stays loose at the sides. The clumpy adjuster dial was easy to use with gloves one, but felt a bit cheap and vague – there’s about an eighth of a turn’s worth of wobble before any movement, although when the ratchet does engage, it gives a satisfying click.

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