Latimer.Todd deserves a medal, not a t-shirt (BikeRadar)

The miles continue to be racked up on the BikeRadar Training leaderboard by an ever growing army of members.

With eight people now having completed the 1000 mile challenge, one competitor, Latimer.Todd (USA) is halfway again towards a leg-sapping 2,000. He spoke to us about the secrets to his mammoth mileage.

“Riding in Florida
is a little bit of heaven and hell, much like marriage,” he said. “The tropical climate
allows year round riding, with only the occasional tropical storm or hurricane
screwing things up. The only climbing you can really get here are the bridges
and occasional hills, mostly caused by sink holes.

“With average temperatures in the high 80s the pavement usually hits 120-140 Fahrenheit midday –
not fun. It adds third degree burns to road rash when you make a mistake! The
wind is another real pain, with mostly variable winds trying to predict the
direction is pretty tough and makes planning a ride a real toss of the dice.

“So yes I get to ride all the
time and no I don’t have any climbing. But I do have to deal with the heat and without climbs I don’t get to enjoy the
rest on the descent. So it’s a wash I guess, but the payoff is the ride. Good,
bad, hot, fast or slow, it doesn’t matter, its all about saddle time”.

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