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We found ourselves sighing over the Birzman tools and
finding excuses to pick them up – you know, just to think about what we might do on
the bike. The quality is simply superb, right down to the beautifully ergonomic
design of the handles, which sit perfectly in your hands and make mechanic-ing
a thing of pleasure. 

The kit lacks a chainring tool and a Torx wrench set but these are easy to add to the box as
it has plenty of space for extras. Its open design isn’t as eye-catching as
that of other cases where the tools are neatly laid out for you but it’s more
versatile when you want to add more items.

There are some great extras in the form of a hammer and a ratchet
spanner that fits the cassette tool, internal bottom bracket tool and 6/8mm Allen
keys. It’s a joy to use something this well engineered. But the real genius addition
is the clam setup tool for disc brake pads. 

The Allen keys are L-shaped but the
best of that type we’ve used – long enough to reach into corners and with a
ball-end option. Birzman do make T-shaped Allens; we’d strongly consider using
this set as a base to build on and then adding them, along with other tools, at
a later stage.

article was originally published in What
Mountain Bike
magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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