Bontrager’s XR1 is crazy quick but the slightly knobblier XR2 is a more versatile option. It’s still seriously quick with reasonably low weight and a fast rolling 60/62a compound that lasts well even if you start skidding round on rocks – and took our Best Value award when we recently pitted it against five other fast-rolling tyres.

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The simple regular small knob pattern and supple carcass can still pull a surprising amount of traction out of dry to damp loose soil and trail centre gravel though, particularly under braking and accelerating. But don’t go relying on it to slingshot you round turns though as the side knobs aren’t any bigger or noticeably softer so they drift rather than digging in and railing.

It’s a controllable and enjoyable slide, though and the rounded shape means they drop into turns every easily. Bontrager largely

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