The Carrera Vanquish doesn’t mount out like a cheaper TDF Ltd sibling, that we tested final year, yet it’s still a really decent machine. It’s good specced, yet a organisation and revengeful float competence not have concept appeal.

  • Highs: Very good pack for a cost and good to see Mavic rims too
  • Lows: It’s weighty, a welding is simple and a float really firm
  • Buy if: You’re a clever supplement who values opening over comfort

The Vanquish’s support is customary of a £500 bike, with a triangular form oversize down tube, and turn tip tube and chair tube. The 7005 aluminium framework has flattering simple welding, and is interconnected with a relating straight-bladed amalgamate fork.

Shimano’s nine-speed Sora groupset is an fit performer, with a same thumbshifting movement as a cheaper, eight-speed Shimano 2300. Carrera have used that additional cassette cog well, giving a Vanquish a versatile rigging range.

FSA’s 50/34-tooth compress chainset is interconnected with a 12-26t cassette, giving a low adequate bottom rigging for many situations and a high adequate tip gear, all yet outrageous jumps. This is an alleviation on a Carrera TDF with a peculiar 52/38t chainset.

The braking, however, is, if anything, somewhat inferior; a Tektro calliper setup is improved than on some of a sub-£400 bikes we’ve tested, yet has plain rubber stop blocks rather than a TDF’s steel cartridges.

Out on a highway we fast notice a few things about a Vanquish. At 10.53kg/23.2lb (without pedals) it carries some additional weight compared to many of a cost rivals, yet it gets adult to speed fast and there’s proud acceleration when we put a produce down. 

The doing is calming too, no glitches to locate out a newbie roadie. The speed and acceleration are partly down to a wheels. You’d typically find Mavic CXP22 rims on bikes costing many more.

But a Vanquish’s float won’t interest to everybody; it’s really many on a organisation side, and after a few hours in a saddle we competence find yourself wishing for something a bit some-more forgiving. You can feel each strike by both a aluminium flare and a customary hole aluminium seatpost.

There’s a lot we like about a Vanquish, though. It has good peculiarity pack and wheels, it handles well, creates a really sound entry-level racer, and would be a good choice for a bigger, some-more absolute rider. 

But a support does miss finesse, it’s not a many gentle appurtenance out there and even during a now ignored cost of £499.99 it still has some clever opposition.

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