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This high-end hybrid speed suit is basically a pair of Castelli Body Paint cycling shorts put together with an aero road racing jersey and offers some of the aero advantages of a time trial or track-style skinsuit with the practical features you need for the road, including a secure rear pockets and a zip down the torso. 

The tight performance fit, one-piece design and silicone dots on the front and sides are designed to make it more aerodynamic, and Castelli say it can save 10-15 watts at 25mph. The incredible comfort and solid practicality are a draw, too. 

The soft fabric, flat leg grippers and Progetto X2 pad show the quality of this kit and are really comfortable. It’s not as aero as a full-on skinsuit, though, and the thickness of the pad rules it out for triathlon use. It comes at a high price too, though to buy Body Paint shorts and Castelli’s Aero Race jersey as separates would cost more.

article was originally published in Triathlon
magazine, available on Zinio.

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