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CrankBrothers have redesigned their massively popular Mallet pedals for 2012. The new Mallet 2s use a combination of aluminium and polycarbonate to create their now slightly narrower platform, which uses six grub screws per side to help improve grip.

These screws are easily adjustable initially and we found that the grip was so impressive that we wound the pins in most of the way. This gave us the float we’ve come to love from Crank pedals yet should you unclip, there’s still enough grip and platform to ride out a section before getting clipped back in.

We did find that when using clumpier shoes, such as Shimano’s AM45s, we had to set the cleat as inboard as possible to stop the shoe hitting the crank and making unclipping tricky. This hasn’t been a problem since though.

Durability hasn’t been an issue so far. The bushing and cartridge bearing combo has held up through a crappy winter admirably. The Mallet 2s are easily serviceable too and they have a five-year warranty. We miss the larger platform of the old Mallet but these will still cut it on a downhill or all-mountain bike.

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