Cube’s RFR moniker stands for ‘Ready For Race,’ and it’s not messing about. This alloy and steel widget is 7mm thick at the frame, and weighs barely more than 100g despite its 16 tools.

For perspective, it’s less than a packet of crisps heavier than Lezyne’s blingtastic carbon-and-titanium Carbon 10 multi-tool, for under a quarter of its price.

Unlike many multi-tools it’s slinky enough to sit in shorts’ pockets without annoying you, and its flat profile means it probably won’t dig in too nastily in a crash.

Oddly the chain tool doesn’t quite fit between the rails, so the tools don’t sit quite flat. The chain tool unwinds – and then acts as both standard and Mavic spoke keys and a bottle opener.

With a 7cm body leverage is okay, though the very stubby steel bits and narrow rails mean it’s hard to exert full pressure. Given the weight, form

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