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Don’t let a cold retro paint intrigue confuse we from a fact that a Divo is a cutting-edge CO incarnation of Daccordi’s top-flight bureau works rig. With an all-out racing stance, a ample cockpit formed on a block support pattern and tip spec components, this is one birthright reissue that we can take to a races. 

Constructed of apart high-modulus CO tubes, Daccordi can build we one to magnitude if desired. Up front, a 1-1/8 by 1-1/2in steerer and large flare blades keep steering clever and grounded, while a threaded bottom joint bombard creates life easier for mechanics and maintenance; pedal submit felt only as rewarding as with press-fit cups on a wider BB bombard and stance. 

The aged pedal stomp exam gives well-spoken and solid acceleration, with a buffered, gentle response. Ride comfort gets a conduct start with a San Marco Regal saddle gracing a good designed CO seatpost. Adding to this is a good tyre preference in a form of estimable Continental GP4000s. 

Scrubbing off speed comes pleasantness of Campagnolo Record Skeleton brakes. They really do a trick, yet a back lacked energy even yet it was a twin focus rather than a singular focus differential model. Well machined braking surfaces make for on-going braking control.

Shifting feel in a 11-speed Record levers was certain and easily notchy, with organisation detents built into a paddle movement; we get copiousness of feedback yet a inner wire routing done correctness humour a small due to wire flex.

if we wish to compensate loyalty to a excellence days of aged while racing on tip of a latest cutting-edge CO technology, you’d be hard-pressed to transcend a Daccordi Divo. But if training time is in brief supply, propitious with a far-reaching ratio compress drivetrain, we can settle for a sportive circuit on this bike and still demeanour good when we hurl over a timing mat.

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