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This latest camera from Drift offers full HD 1,080-pixel video capture. It also has a handy preview screen on the side that doubles as an easily negotiable menu.

Mounting options range from 3M sticky mounts to the more secure/useful goggle clip-on number. But we found mounting to heavily vented trail helmets nigh on impossible due to their lack of flat surfaces. This is annoying if you’re the sort of rider who won’t always be in a full-face.

We also weren’t overly impressed by the amount of wind-rush recorded by the exposed external mic or the slightly grainy picture compared to other HD cameras we’ve used. The sound quality is pretty much null and void too.The adjustable 170-degree lens is tidy though, as is the 9MP stills camera and lengthy battery life.

Coming in at this price point will inevitably bring the Drift up against the ubiquitous GoPro HERO HD. The lack of mounting options and slightly below-par picture quality of the Drift mean we’d probably still opt for the latter.

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