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Most overshoes are directed during highway riders though a MT500s from Endura are done with towering bikers in mind. They have a hard-wearing Nylon-faced Neoprene top and a tough grippy rubberised brazen solitary with a mouth over a toe area. 

The rest of a solitary is Kevlar faced. Combined with cutout sections for a heel and cleat, this allows we to travel but now wearing them out, that is a large downside of highway overshoes. 

A tough zip with a Velcro heel add-on creates them discerning and easy to get on and off as good as ensuring cosy fitting, and a multiple of a Neoprene construction and welded seams means they’re as wind, cold and water-resistant as any others we’ve tried.

The back zip is bordered with contemplative strips for night safety. Take caring on sizing, since they’re done for slight race-type boots – you’ll need to go adult a distance if we wish them for wider infrequent shoes. 

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