In the relatively short time it’s been building bikes, British brand Enigma has earned a reputation for producing classy, capable machines in steel and titanium. The Etape is Enigma’s mile-eating Audax oriented design, tested here in the mid-priced 1.2 build option that gets you bang-up-to-date hydraulic disc brakes.

  • Highs: Ride quality; stylish design; mudguards fitted as standard; no spec shortcuts
  • Lows: Some disc rub caused by fork flex; wheels are relatively heavy
  • Buy if: You want a well thought out all-rounder with British design credentials

The Etape is a classically understated beast, with simple logos adorning an otherwise plain brushed metallic finish – which shines luxuriously. Most titanium bikes look good, but this one is particularly nice and it’s well appointed too, with a full complement of eyelets and bosses, and proper full mudguards (albeit without mudflaps) mounted as standard.

In design terms, the frame is quite conventional. There are no outlandish

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