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At £750 each, these CO twine rims don’t come cheap. The wheels shown here, built on Chris King hubs, come in during £2,000 a set. Compare a specs and opening characteristics opposite a span of Stan’s amalgamate wheels and you’ll be left scratching your conduct wondering since anyone would spend 4 or five times as most money.

Our 32-hole Twenty9 XC clincher rims, set adult with an ENVE edge frame to be tubeless, import 1,534g – merely ballpark in weight terms. We rate them since of something reduction tangible: they feel good off-road. That’s a lot of money for a word as downy as nice. However, for good we could also use fast, forgiving, comfortable, springy, soothing and precise.

Soft and precise? While those difference don’t sound like healthy bedfellows, a ENVE rims broadcast quivering and bumps in a opposite approach to amalgamate ones. You feel all as a rounder, reduction oppressive ride, like using softer tyres – so yes, soothing – usually but a low-pressure tear-jerking handling. Precise since a unclothed rims are really stiff, and as a outcome of a approach they are designed can be built intensely firmly but repairs to a rim. 

Both factors make a circle that demonstrates reduction deflection in turns, ensuing in them going nearer to your ideal line than with reduction stiff-feeling amalgamate wheels of identical weight and specs. Even edge infirmity isn’t an issue, as a countless off route escapades and a Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill team’s use of a 26in all-mountain chronicle has proven. That said, any circle is breakable.

If you’re a supplement with a sorted £4-5k bike plugging critical mileage where a bike is set adult as most for pointing as it is for long-range comfort afterwards a devise to save for these ENVE rims during £750 any doesn’t work out to be all that extreme. (There are also 26in versions for £100 less.)

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