Enve’s Twenty6 XC wheelset is a classic example of a product that’s bittersweet to test. On one hand, the wheels offer instant performance as soon as they’re installed, and are
a pleasure to ride. But knowing they’ll have to be shipped back to
Ogden, Utah, where the rims are handmade and hand-laced, it’s deflating to
think of giving up the performance.

Aside from the in-house machines used to cut the carbon sheets, Enve rims are entirely handmade in the USA. The company use a removable
bladder process in the rim production, allowing for a cleaner, lighter and
stronger net product. 

According to Enve marketing director Jake Pantone, the system allows for
higher pressures to be used, compressing the composite layers together more tightly and increasing the rim’s strength. And as a bonus to removing the
bladder, the inside is said to be as clean as the outside, making spoke lacing
much easier.

In terms of the ride, the Enve rims with DT Swiss bladed spokes and 240s hubs were light enough for us to notice a reduction in
rotational weight over most wheels available, and without any compromise
in handling. In a similar way to a quality composite frame, Enve rims hint at compliance
over rough trails yet offer straight and true steering through turns, as
well as providing uninhibited power transfer through pedaling. 

It was only when a
larger, more aggressive tester treated the XC wheelset like an all-mountain
product that there was even a whisper of flex. So, short of buying a set of
XC-specific hoops for the wrong use, there doesn’t seem to be any trade-off in
durability or performance from the 1,350g wheelset.

Width-wise, the Enve XC rims measure 18mm
internally, and lend themselves to better performance on tires of 2.25in and
narrower. This isn’t surprising for an XC rim, but for kicks a
set of 2.4in tires were ridden for comparison. The result wasn’t as bad as
we expected, but there was a noticeable increase in tire roll.

The carbon rims have a lot to do
with the XC’s ride quality, but Enve’s build plays a factor as well. Using
standard 3/16in internal nipples, Enve have been able to reduce spoke hole size in
the rim to increase rim integrity and tension on the DT
bladed spokes. Saving approximately 35g per wheel over 14/15 gauge butted
spokes, the bladed version also plays a key role in spoke alignment and
tension during the build, by acting as an alignment indicator.

Internal nipples reduce spoke hole size and boost rim integrity 

At first, the idea of having to pull the tire
and tubeless rim tape off to access the internal nipples for truing
seemed tedious. But after months of abuse, the Enve XC wheels are as straight
and true as the day they were installed, so it doesn’t seem fair to complain
about a truing process that we haven’t yet needed to do.

Speaking of durability, the wheels are designed
to be ridden daily, and now come with a five-year warranty versus the two-year
guarantee provided until recently. For those who’ve already purchased a set
of Enve rims prior to the policy change, the new warranty will be retroactive,
too. Enve also provide a lifetime crash replacement policy of 50 percent off MSRP.

To set the UST XC rims up tubeless, Enve
rely on tubeless valves and Gorilla tape. If the idea
of a $2,400 wheelset coming with a $9 roll of glorified duct tape doesn’t sit
well with you, you’re not the only one. But according to Pantone, after months
of testing “dozens and dozens” of options, Gorilla tape consistently worked the

Pantone also said that Enve are working directly with Gorilla on
rim-specific tape widths that will be branded with Enve logos. With our
wheelset, it took two tries to get the tape properly laid on the rim for an
air-tight seal. But the rims have now been ridden with a tubeless setup
for the entirety of our long-term test without any issues.

Overall, the Enve XC wheelset is a fantastic
option for racers and trail riders alike, with its impressive performance and
durability. The only remotely disappointing aspect is the somewhat hoaky
tubeless system. But considering it’s worked perfectly fine after a finicky
setup, it’s not a huge issue.