All of the Argos-Shimano riders used Felt’s specially modified F1 frames at Paris-Roubaix (James Huang/Future Publishing )

The violence associated with Paris-Roubaix’s
 puts riders on unmodified road bikes at a distinct disadvantage. With that, Felt have modified their F1 for the Argos-Shimano team
to fit the unique needs of the brutal race.

It’s called the F-Series Paris-Roubaix and incorporates a
host of race specific features. The new bike is heavily based on the F1 bike, a
model that Argos-Shimano has already logged a half dozen wins on this year,
including last Wednesday’s
, which Marcel Kittel took on his standard
F1 bike

Felt have made changes to the bike and its geometry through fork and rear
dropout modifications. The F-Series Paris-Roubaix sports slacker head and seat
tube angles by 1°. In addition, the chassis is 10mm longer in the front center and 13mm longer when measuring rear center. “The frame modifications were all
achieved by slightly altering dropout locations,” Doug Martin, Felt’s sports
marketing director told BikeRadar. “Other than that, these
are identical to the team’s (and a production) current F-series, including
lay-up. No new molds required. An aftermarket version of this is unlikely only
because it is so close to the current F-Series that in anything other than
extreme conditions, the differences would be so minor. We could do it, and we
may, but today it is not 100 percent confirmed.”

Felt also say the fork is 12mm longer, which would modify the geometry and
allow for increased tire clearance, and they’ve increased the bottom bracket
drop by 3mm to match the BB height of the F1 model; note that all of these
measurements are made based on the team’s 28mm Vittoria Pavé tire dimension.

To set the bikes apart, Felt have painted them bright floro’ green. The
team’s equipment remains fairly standard save for longer reach Shimano BR-R650
brakes, to accommodate for the longer fork/dropout distances and the larger 28mm

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