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RX brake is an increasingly common original equipment fit, but its modulation
and control make it well worth upgrading to, particularly if you already have
rotors and mounts to offset accessory costs.

design is unsurprisingly similar to the rest of the Formula family, with an
organic looking body and deeply crooked lever that bring it in just under 400g.
There’s no bite point adjust cylinder and the blade reach uses a recessed Allen
key rather than a thumbwheel. This means there’s less to come loose,
rattle or otherwise go belly up in long-term use, and all the RXs we’ve run for
a while have been rock solid.

pads don’t last as long as the sintered ones on more expensive Formulas in the
wet but they’re still okay. Modulation and overall lever feel is excellent too,
with a softly progressive stroke building to impressive power even with one

only real gripe is the price of the bog standard rotor (£39.95), mount (£17.95)
and bolts (£3.95) which make an otherwise reasonably priced (£124.95) brake
very expensive – but if you’ve already got those bits, that’s not an issue.

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Mountain Bike

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