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Fox’s 32 FIT RLC is still top of the control charts for those who can afford it. The scoop backed brace structure is essentially a 100mm chassis at full stretch, which keeps it reasonably light. 

It does mean accuracy suffers under heavy braking or cornering, though. We’d recommend opting for the excellent Shimano/Fox 15QR screw-through axle and compatible wheel to tighten things up, particularly if you’re a short stem/big bar fan.

In terms of the overall package, any control sacrificed to structural flex is outweighed by that delivered by the superb suspension action. The super-accurate oil flow of the FIT cartridge, the slippery, ultra-durable Kashima stanchion coating of the Factory level forks and SKF bearings have all added noticeable improvements as they’ve been introduced. 

The combination of all three is a holy trinity of small bump sensitivity, mid-stroke stability and big-hit capability that lets you plough the F120 into savage trail sections flat out. Trust the fork, leave the brakes alone and you’ll be astonished at its ability to exit the worst root and rock sections on line, in control and with traction to spare. RLC damping gives you full low speed, rebound and lockout threshold adjust but it’s a ripper even with minimal fettling.

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Mountain Bike
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