Fizik 3D Flex Cycling Moldable Insole (John Whitney/BikeRadar)

Italian organisation Bianchi are famed for their bikes though also have a outrageous array of their possess components, accessories and clothing. The latest to land on a table are dual pairs of sunglasses, a helmet and a mini pump, all in a normal Bianchi celeste colour.

Their two-strong optics operation is refreshingly budget. For usually £45/$73, a Aquila sunnies container in a polycarbonate frame, 3 sets of 100 percent UV insurance lenses (smoke/clear/yellow) and a tough bombard box and pouch. They come in white, black and celeste options. The Falco specs are even cheaper during £35/$57. They have all a facilities of a Aquilas though though a tough box and come in 3 celeste-heavy colour combinations.

Bianchi Aquila sunglasses

Their helmet operation is made by Belgian organisation Lazer and this Sphere lid (£125/$161) is accurately a same as a Lazer Sphere of a same name detached from outmost Bianchi logos, a magnanimous use of celeste – and a £25 premium. Features that sojourn embody a Rollsys fit system, 21 vents and a 286g weight for a vast size.

Last though not slightest is a amalgamate Mini Pump (£16/$29) that is reversible to fit Presta/Schrader valves, can increase to 160psi/11bar and has a joint for down/seat tube mounting.


Fizik’s heat-mouldable 3D Flex Custom Insole is a
collaboration with insole specialists Sidas that allows a Italian firm’s
dealers to offer business optimised shoe fit. In-store, a Podiaflex element is exhilarated using
‘Flash Fit Technology’ that creates a insole ductile adequate to be made to
the contours of a foot.

To get a right shape, weight is strong on a round and arch
area with a insole positioned to compare a arise of a outsole. It’s pronounced to usually take
a few minutes. These insoles are quite about comfort and are not designed to
be correctional for any biomechanical issues. They will be nearing at
dealers soon, labelled £59.99/$94 per pair.


Vermarc are arguably a biggest cycle wardrobe code in Belgium and their new Flanders Classic operation is a loyalty to a iconic open classics. With a Ronde outpost Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders) holding place during a commencement of April, a operation is designed to cover all eventualities in weather, that means we can get bib tights and shorts, winter and midst deteriorate jackets, and prolonged and brief sleeve jerseys. Here we have a full length zipped Short Sleeve jersey (£49.99/$78). Visit their UK website for some-more information.


The latest products from a mudguard specialists Cycraguard are a easy-to-fit commuter-specific Road model. At £29.99/$47, they come in dual sizes and colours; 20-28mm and 28-37mm, and black and titanium, in front and behind twinpacks. Highlights of a pattern embody H2O channels that force H2O to follow a circle and behind onto a road. They are assembled regulating CycraFlex combination polymers, that is pronounced to be intensely durable and tough wearing (they have a lifetime guaranty to infer it) and have telescopic legs so they’ll fit any distance wheel. They’re accessible now from UK distributor Madison.

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