Gemini XERA LED light complement (John Whitney/BikeRadar)

Canadian organisation Gemini Lights have strike UK shores for a initial time by distributor i-ride.

Established in 2010, Gemini already have several high powered lights in their operation yet for a time being, usually a XERA LED complement will be available. We’ve managed to get a mitts on one, too, and it’ll be reviewed in a destiny emanate of What Mountain Bike magazine. For now, we’ll take a demeanour during what a XERA has to offer.

Powerful, lightweight and affordable is what a makers are claiming with a little XERA. With an outlay of 800 lumens, a weight of 57g and a cost tab from £129.99/$199, and depending on your indicate of view, they’ve maybe achieved all three. The massage comes in a fact a energy pack, that connects around a lead into a light’s behind and attaches to possibly a behind of a helmet or handlebar underside, weighs 257g, that means sum carrying weight is a some-more substantial 314g. Our exam container came with a bigger 4-cell battery, so a 2-cell choice should be lighter. Even so, conjunction is overly complicated for what is a really splendid light.

From a construction indicate of view, a tough alluminium bombard looks as yet it’ll take a pulsation and with a accumulation of enclosed helmet, handlebar and conduct mounts, it looks to be a versatile bit of kit.

According to Gemini, it’s user discerning and allows we to set a liughtness turn that we want, whenever we want. Out of a box, it has 3 default energy settings – high, middle and low – with battery life on limit liughtness claimed to final dual hours on a full assign (2-cell) and 4 hours (4-cell). The bigger juiced battery comes during a £20/$30 premium, however. The energy symbol on a behind of a light changes colour according to how most energy it has left, with immature analogous to 100-20 percent, orange 20-10 percent and red 10-0 percent, so you’ll be served notice on any imminent energy outage.

All Gemini products are accessible in a US directly by their website now, including a some-more absolute 1700 lumen, triple LED Olympia light set, that will be accessible from i-ride soon. In a meantime, revisit their website for a closer look.

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