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These aren’t the first ‘all natural’ energy bars to hit the market, but the folks behind Get Buzzing have gone to the trouble of testing them on athletes. 

The bars increased time to exhaustion in a VO2 max test by 25 seconds, and decreased perception of effort. They were tested against a ‘no bar’ group rather than against other products, though. 

We found them easy to eat and as good as other energy bars. Three flavours are available, including Original Nutty, nut free banana and nut free berry.

There are 31-35g of carbs per bar (depending on the flavour) and energy comes from oats, dried fruit and sugar. There’s hardly any protein in the nut-free versions, but 8g of fat is pretty steep for an energy product.

The moist texture makes them easy to get down on the bike.

article was originally published in Triathlon
magazine, available on Zinio.

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