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Giant are selling more and more kit from their complete bikes on the aftermarket every season and the new P-SLR1 tyres are proving quality rubber. 

At 206/208g each for our test pair, they’re right on the money for a premium-level puncture-protected tyre and the 120tpi casing keeps them impressively supple. They don’t skimp on volume either so you get a smooth rolling feel on rough roads and easy speed on smooth sections. 

Dedicated multi-compound rubber mixes (stickier 60/64/60a front, harder wearing 64/70/64a rear) mean you can carry that speed into corners. We only lost the rear a couple of times in poor conditions even when provoking them and they hook up okay on greasy climbs too. 

The hawthorn hedge trimming season passed without punctures and they’re wearing well enough through winter to rate as a training tyre, bumping up the value score.

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