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Hydro Chute brake is unchanged for 2012 but by using a well proven base design
and pimped up rotor, it still delivers decent braking at a discount price.

Gusset design reminds us more than a little bit of the previous generation Avid
Juicy brake but it has some extra tweaks added to the package and some of the
more irritating ones removed. For a start you don’t get the cup-and-cone washer
adjustment of the Avid mount, just a simple, faff-free direct mount. 

The flip
flop master cylinder design makes it easy to install whichever side you like
your front brake on. The lever sweep uses the same power and enhancing geometry
introduced by Avid so they feel more powerful and controlled than average dyno results

The bleed screws are compatible with Avid syringe kits. They run Avid
pads too, which is handy as the originals don’t last long. The
real bonus with this brake though is the shark tooth ‘R Series’ rotor, which
looks great, shifts mud well and saves significant weight over the normal hefty
discs you get on budget brakes.

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