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Evo tweaks give the super-smooth and adjustable Tech lever and X2 calliper combo
the braking power they’ve always deserved to create the ultimate custom tuneable

than the smooth forged build of other brakes, Hope machine every bit of the
master cylinder, long drilled grip blade and calliper from billet in their
Barnoldswick factory and hand assemble it all on site too. Master cylinder bulk
and some shifter interaction issues make it a Marmite choice aesthetically and
it’s not light either. 

Proper pivot bearings – rather than bushings – and
structural stiffness mean it’s super-smooth in action, which translates to
fantastic control whether you’re tickling the blades or hauling hard. The two
metal thumbwheels give totally independent reach and bite point adjustment for
the ultimate in brake tuning too.

The cylinder actuating roller and altered
pivot point of the new Evo version increase power to make it competitive on
torque and the long lever blade means extra grunt depending where you grab it. Resin
pads as standard reduce previous squeal issues, but we’d switch to sintered for
wet weather use. 

Basic price is good and upgrades include braided hoses,
lightweight alloy centered floating rotors, Matchmaker clamps plus colour kits.
Hope’s legendary factory-direct support backs up excellent reliability from long-term brakes we’ve run, too.  

article was originally published in What
Mountain Bike
magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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