The power meter market has exploded in the last two years and the revolution is still gathering pace. Shouting for attention among all the startups is the iBike Newton, a device first launched in 2004 and relaunched last year.

Unlike every other power meter on the market, the Newton doesn’t measure the force that your legs put into the drivetrain (whether at the pedal, crank, spider or hub); rather, it calculates your power by measuring the forces that you are overcoming – wind and gradient.

  • Highs: Light, affordable
  • Lows: A nightmare to set up, awkward to use, very vulnerable to inaccuracy

It has a wind sensor at the front and sensitive accelerometers to detect gradient. We’ll get to rolling resistance in a bit.

A speed sensor tells it bike speed, allowing it to calculate any head/tailwind, and a cadence sensor means it only calculates power when you’re actually pedalling. There is also

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