Cannondale’s E-Series electric bikes have valid a strike with a Dutch (Richard Peace)

Cannondale’s E-Series has been named E-bike of a Year by a Dutch ride attention association Rai Vereniging. Electric bikes are now so renouned in a Netherlands that more e-bikes were presented to a Bike of a Year row than compulsory bicycles, nonetheless a altogether pretension went to a non-electric Koga World Traveller29.

The E-series uses a new Bosch holder engine and battery system total with a bike that Cannondale contend has been “designed from a belligerent up” to “seamlessly integrate” all aspects of a new technology. In use this means a support with an integrated bassinet shelve that also houses a 288Wh battery (not utterly vast by stream standards) and a mutated bottom joint area where a engine sits. 

The importance seems to be on mixing practicality – for example, good peculiarity lights and mudguards – with both comfort (Cannondale’s HeadShok cessation fork) and utterly a sporty looking support geometry, on a men’s indication during least. All-in weight is claimed during 22kg (48.5lb).

Solar-powered bike storage

Europe’s initial open solar recharging hire for electric bikes has non-stop at Meckenbeuren sight hire in southern Germany. The Biketower has been granted by E-bike Mobility, who are formed in circuitously Markdorf.

Company trainer Bernd Reutemann says: “Seventy-two bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes can be parked safely here and if required, a batteries can be charged during a same time. The Biketower is accessible 24 hours per day for both day users and long-term users. The Biketower also offers blurb hirers an engaging alternative.”

E-bike Mobility have grown a operation of other technologies for open recharging of electric bikes, including a solar powered ‘battery station’ where dull electric bike batteries can be exchanged for full ones charged with immature energy.  

Solex and Voltitude e-bikes embrace iconic designs

EBCO are to bring Solex’s new e-bike operation to the UK. The French company, famous for their petrol-powered scooters, have 3 electrical offerings: the Velosolex (folding e-bike, £1,299), Solexity (low-step e-bike, £1,799) and e-Solex (e-scooter, £1,999).

The e-Solex is an electric scooter formed on a French company’s classical moped design 

Another e-bike that takes pattern cues from an iconic product is a Swiss Voltitude. It’s flattering transparent from one discerning peek during their website that a demeanour of their folding bike-cum-scooter has been heavily shabby by a certain penknife. 

It was denounced in Apr 2011 and a association contend they’re now staid to go to ‘pre-series production’ regulating an outmost manufacturer. Commercial prolongation of 50 bikes per week is touted for summer.

Top speed is a European authorised extent of 25km/h, definition no tax, helmet or word are required, notwithstanding a mopedy looks. Price is earmarked during CHF 5,000 (about €4,000/£3,350), with a Swiss launch due to be followed by other nation roll-outs after in 2012.

Voltitude’s folding e-bike has been dubbed a ‘Swiss Army Bike’

UK demo days proliferate

Raleigh will be hosting electric bike demo days around Britain this year, including several led rides over sundry turf along with in-depth demonstrations of their e-bikes. Dates are here.

Meanwhile, E4 is a new UK electric bike trade fondness done adult of EBCStorck-RaddarHero-Eco (owners of Ultramotor) and Wisper that’s launched a array of events for intensity dealers starting this February.

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