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Inside the tough drawstring bag you get a 1.1-litre ready-to-use bike wash spray, a bottle of concentrate, a 400ml citrus degreaser spray, a multi-headed brush and a sponge.

All cleaning products are ultimately a compromise between being strong enough for fast and thorough cleaning but not so strong they strip paintwork, anodising and bearing grease if left on a split second too long. 

The default dilution of Kaaboom is definitely on the benign side. That means you need to get in there when the bike is still wet, straight after a ride, if you want a clean finish without excessive scrubbing. That’s particularly true – really – if there’s sheep poo involved.

The trigger spray on our sample was temperamental and the sponge is more of a hard smearing tool than a squishy muck-eater. The combination of bristle options and the lemony degreaser does a good job on transmissions, though, letting you get right into the cassette and links (rinse off with a gentle hose rather than risk drowning your freehub with a jetwash). 

Not perfect, then, but well priced for what you get.

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