Cargo bikes are rather of a niche to contend a least, yet with a large code names all unexpected creation them, it’s transparent many consider that regulating bicycles for lugging things about isn’t usually do-able, yet value doing. Kona have done one called the Ute for a while now, and as good as it is, a association suspicion there was room for a shorter, some-more bike-like version. 

So here we have a mini version, a MinUte, and it’s flattering most perfect, generally deliberation a seeking price. One of a categorical things about a MinUte is that it rides like a bike and not like a bucket bike. Even when we have a not-inconsiderable volume of weight on a behind it rides in a manageable, if rather slow, manner.

But there are a few areas where things could be a lot better. One is a 35mm tyres. Although these offer a good spin of speed when pumped adult to aloft pressures, they’re simply not large adequate when we bucket a bike up. It works most improved with wider tyres, and there’s copiousness of room in a support and flare to go bigger; we’d go for 37mm during least, yet preferably a 1.9 or 2.2in. 

The wire operated front brakes aren’t good either, giving a somewhat deceptive feel and not most punch – yet charity a ‘advantage’ of operative in an equally normal demeanour in a sleet – and we can fast find their stipulations when a MinUte is installed up. 

And loading it adult is what this bike is all about. We took it to do a selling for a family of five, cramming a enclosed panniers to ripping and afterwards stuffing a box cumulative to a wooden rug with a motorcycle bungee net. It’s when this kind of weight is built on a back that a bike shows what it’s done of. 

It rode straight, never flexing around too most or apropos careless in a doing department, and a gearing was only about right for creation solid swell but wanting legs like Chris Hoy. 

The wooden rug is really easy to scratch, though, so a idea would be to squeeze an aged skateboard rug and, regulating a customary rug as a template, cut and cavalcade it to fit. That approach we get toughness and strength surfaced off with grip. 

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