Lynskey Performance Designs has a longer history than most in the realm of titanium bicycle manufacturing, having started production in Tennessee under the name Litespeed in the mid-eighties. Litespeed was sold off in 1999 and still exists as a separate company, but since 2006 the Lynskey family has been back in the business, making frames that bear the family name.

  • Highs: Practical, futureproof and versatile frame; lovely finish; rounded ride quality
  • Lows: Mudguard compatible fork doesn’t match frame properly and awkwardly placed eyelets pose a challenge
  • Buy If: You want an all-weather stunner that isn’t subject to the whimsy of fashion

The Sportive Disc is a bike built for long distance comfort and, as the name implies, disc brakes are the order of the day – Shimano RS785 calipers matched to RS685 11-speed levers in this case. Lynskey offers a variety of finishes, with the ‘Industrial Mill’ option used on our test

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