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Magura’s Thor has an incredible stiffness-to-strength ratio but its very ‘European’ suspension feel won’t suit fans of plush and progressive

If you needed proof that Magura’s Dual Arch Design offers a
real performance advantage, then a quick ride on the phenomenally stiff and
precise Thor forks would give you all you needed. Despite a very low weight for
a 150mm fork, the 15mm Maxle axle format tracks better than some 2kg-plus
heavy-duty forks we’ve tested. Even in quick-release format it’s stiffer than much of the
screw-through competition.

The suspension action is typically German, with a
firm initial feel even when you’ve wound off all the low speed Albert Select+ damping and switched off the threshold lock. Get it moving though and the
slick stanchion coating means it dives rapidly deep into its

The 2012 Thor is more progressive than previous Maguras but it still lacks
predictable mid-stroke control to push against through corners and rebound can
get choppy too. However, if you’re after a very precise, light and tall
riding fork with emergency travel it’s worth checking out.

article was originally published in What
Mountain Bike
magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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