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Marzocchi’s entry-level 44 LR is relatively light,
succulently smooth and simply reliable for the money. The lack of through-axle
options leaves it flexy and the simple damping struggles with the big stuff

At under 1,800g the air sprung 44LR is reasonably light for
the price and travel. The chunky lockout lever is easy to use and the Schrader
valve air fill under the metal effect plastic cap makes it compatible with
conventional air forks. It comes with a steerer plug and sticker kit to
customize it and even gets V-brake bosses if you haven’t embraced discs yet.

The simple air spring internals get a coil negative spring
to help initial movement, and once you’re past bedding-in notchiness it’s
impressively smooth and squelchy in feel over small to medium sized lumps. It’s
a pretty linear spring rate with a thumping bottom-out though, and rebound
damping is rudimentary so it can get out of shape on extended, deep drop

The quick-release-only format reduces accuracy and high load cornering
confidence, and there are no screw-through or tapered steerer options. Oil rich
reliability is excellent though and it’s relatively inexpensive.

article was originally published in What
Mountain Bike
magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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