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Damping developed for downhill racing makes the 55 RC3 Evo Ti the ultimate maximum traction and
control fork for big-hit bikes. The chunky chassis and QR20 screw-through axle are reassuringly stiff but it’s the
incredibly supple small bump response of the titanium spring that glues the
fork to the floor.

The succulent, oil rich stroke melts mid-sized
bumps like they’re not there, and while the 2011 RC3 Ti was actually too soft and
feedback-free in hard carving race situations the new Evo version adds a very
welcome edge to the deeper damping. 

The combined high and low speed damping
adjustment crossover dial isn’t intuitive and the air preload reduces
sensitivity significantly but overall control is superlative. A three-year
warranty backs up our flawless fit-and-forget experience with recent ‘Zocchis

article was originally published in Mountain
Biking UK
magazine, available on Apple
and Zinio.

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