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Marzocchi’s 55R is a simple, succulent and super-reliable long-travel fork for not a lot of money, making a great choice for hard-up hard
riders. The 35mm stanchion chassis is the same as other forks in the 55
family but inside are coil springs and lots of open bath lubing and damping oil.

This makes it seriously heavy, but the upside of all that oil and the soft
springs is a super-supple, richly lubricated stroke that Hoovers up small bumps
incredibly well for extra traction. You do need to get the squelchy sounding rebound dialled in well to keep it
under control on the return, but in terms of smoothness for price it’s
outstanding. It’s also easy to adjust stroke progression just by altering the
oil levels. Simplicity also means excellent reliability making it a true fit-and-forget fork.

article was originally published in What
Mountain Bike
magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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