Mavic’s new Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL wheels come in four configurations: clincher and tubular, with rim- and disc-brake options for each. Two BikeRadar testers rode both rim-brake models at Mavic’s launch in Wyoming, where two climbs and subsequent 50-60mph descents offered insight into the wheels’ handling.

Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C

Negotiating the first few turns in a group and accelerating to regain the wheel in front on the clincher wheels showed the new Instant Drive 360 hub to be quick to engage. Combining that hub with super light 405g rims that build into a 1,390g wheelset makes them extremely rapid.

Considering that the rims include an 80g aluminium rim bed for added rigidity, strength and braking heat dissipation, the weight is more impressive still.

But weight isn’t everything, and by sticking with 18 front and 24 rear

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