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The Red Rocks come from the same family as the award-winning Stratos shorts from Mavic, and it shows. Starting on the inside, the liner is superb, combining open mesh legs with solid centre panels for a good combination of low weight and durability.

The chamois is outstanding – a dual-density pad with an exceptionally soft finish and perforations to help prevent heat build-up. While liners have improved hugely, it’s not often you find one of this quality. It makes a big difference to your overall comfort.

It’s a quality that’s matched in the outer shell, which is light and cut perfectly so that it sits absolutely right when you’re on the bike. Even without the benefit of any waist adjustment it just stays in place and doesn’t pull down.

The fabric is ultra-light but with a smooth, tight weave we’ve found durable. With stretch for easy movement this is exactly what we look for in 24-hour, race-style shorts. 

We’d prefer the sleek lines to be unmarred by external leg pockets, but there’s no question that the Red Rocks are a cut above the rest. While £80 isn’t exactly cheap, it does get you a highly specified shell and a liner – both deliver superb XC performance.

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