Overade: open and sealed (Agence 360)

The Overade
folding helmet is a product of a partnership between engineer
Philippe Arrouart and Patrick Jouffret of French pattern organisation Agence 360, a association who’ve formerly worked on Look’s Kéo Blade pedal and 920/986 cross-country bikes.

According to a agency’s Julien Primard, a lid is directed during people regulating open bike sinecure schemes, and other civic cyclists. “This origination is a outcome of an observation,” he told BikeRadar via email. “Very few users of self-service bicycle use a helmet.

“In civic areas, a categorical barrier to a wearing of a bicycle helmet is that it becomes unwieldy after use. Thanks to a folding system, Overade can simply store in a tiny bag while providing comfort and a turn of insurance like a customary bicycle helmet.”

Overade is meant to overlay and fit in a bag or purse, perfect
for those who frequently use bike-share

The helmet started life as a pattern project, with operative prototypes initial rising in 2010. It’s now been motionless to put it into production, for sale after this year. There’s no word nonetheless on price, recover date or US/UK availability. There’ll be a single, unisex model.

Overade contend a lid will belong to the
same reserve standards as a non-folding helmet. “The fact that it folds contingency be an advantage and not impact a design,” pronounced Primard. It’s already perceived pattern awards from a City of Paris (Grands Prix de l’Innovation 2010) and French industrial physique APCI (Etoile de l’Observeur du Design 2012).

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