We can’t think of another bike we’ve tested that hasn’t had its brand name somewhere on its frame. But then Pegoretti isn’t an ordinary brand.

  • Highs: Immaculate build quality, rock solid ride and incredible paint options
  • Lows: Premium price, punishingly stiff by steel standards
  • Buy if: You’re a muscular rider with a passion for the ultimate in frame building artistry

There’s an extra irony in the fact that Dario Pegoretti doesn’t plaster his name on his frames either, because he built his reputation by creating bikes to be raced under other brand names by the world’s best riders. He started frame building back in 1975 and already had an enviable reputation before he started to pioneer TIG welding to join steel tubes in 1985 when most other builders were still using lugs and low temperature brazing.

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