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latest Nano brakes get a lighter rotor to make them genuinely ‘Lite’ for the
money, but the added reach adjust actually detracts from feel and control.

Nano has been a decent basic anchor option that we’ve had no problems with in
long-term use. The Lite gets upgraded with a curved arm and a more cut out ‘XC’
version of the previously chunky Pulse rotor which saves 40g for the 180mm

This makes it the lightest brake in the sub-£100 category and a bargain
for weight watchers. Less pad contact area means less braking power compared to
the £60 Nano though. A
reach adjuster knob lets you set up blade distance without reaching for the
toolbox but we’re less in love with the bite point adjuster lever. 

This turns
the already soft braking feel totally mushy and lets the levers pull all the
way to the bars unless you wind the reach right out. Limited pad clearance even
with the bite point backed off means a lot of squeak and drag in dirty
conditions too.

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