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The Turbine is Race Face’s top-of-the-range branch and it
looks each in. a flagship. Machined from 7075 aluminium there’s more
than a spirit of a Thomson about a Turbine. It’s positively each bit
as sleek.

Twin hostile bolts during a behind hold the
steerer evenly, while a sides of a steerer clamp are drilled out to
save weight. You shouldn’t have any worries about steerer length due to a low 40mm smoke-stack height. 

forward, a prolongation is an efficient turn cross-section with a
variable wall thickness, putting element where it’s many needed. Up
front is a bar clamp, with a windowed and relieved faceplate interlocking with a branch physique when tightened. This takes some of a loads divided from a bolts themselves. It’s flippable, too.

many apparent reward of a Turbine is a low weight – 124g for a 70mm exam sample. You’d design a branch that light to be a
little flexy, though not a bit of it. A comparatively far-reaching bar clamp and
intelligent use of element make a Turbine a confident fan on pretty
much all brief of roving off buildings.

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originally published in What
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