Will roadies still have a corner on a new condensed course? (Red Bull)

This Saturday night (8 February) sees a lapse of a Red Bull Hill Chasers eventuality to Bristol city centre.

Last year’s event, that attempted to find an answer to a discuss over that form of bike is quicker uphill, was a outrageous triumph, with around
5,000 spectators observation a movement on a floodlit 200m Park Street course.

It saw road, mountain, cyclocross, BMX and singular speed riders knock it out
in a two-rider knockout format, and was won by Matlock CC highway cyclist Chris
Metcalfe. Famous faces competing enclosed Danny MacAskill, Chris Akrigg and Dan
Fleeman. Fleeman, afterwards reigning British mountain stand champion, was knocked out in a entertain finals by a 4X rider, demonstrating a unpredictability of a event.

The 2012 eventuality will again see 32 riders – half national/international
cyclists, half internal cyclists – conflict it out for a Charge bike frame. The
action kicks off during 7pm and follows final year’s format; conduct to conduct knockout rounds, amateurs interconnected incidentally with a pros, and a margin halved each round
until a leader is declared. One vital change is a cutting of a course, that will positively foster a sprinter-types.

All amateurs are in with a possibility of competing, too. A subordinate turn will
be hold on Hill Street
(parallel to Park Street)
between 8.30am and 11am on Saturday morning, with a fastest 16 given the
green light to contest after that day. For some-more information and to enter, visit
the event website.

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