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The Integra is a initial direct-mount branch from Renthal and has been tested during World Cup level by a likes of Sam Hill, Fabien Barel and Troy Brosnan. It uses a two-piece pattern and is done from extensively CNC machined 6082 T6 alloy. With bolts, it weighs in during only 137g. 

Despite a slim weight, a Integra is as unbending as they come interjection to a far-reaching U-shaped clamp and there are useful etched markings so we can align your bars properly. It’s been deftly designed to offer possibly 50mm or 45mm of strech around double drilled ascent holes, that is accessible on today’s multiply of ultra-adjustable downhill bikes. 

At scarcely £100 a pop, it’s not accurately inexpensive though it’s not a many costly direct-mounter out there either. The build peculiarity is second to none, so this is a branch that’ll be with we for a prolonged time. 

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